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Thank you for purchasing your cell phone from We are committed to ensuring you will be happy with your new phone in every way. The links above have been provided for your convenience. If after following these directions you still need help just visit our contact page for futher assistance.

What is Just Cellular Store? is an online store that has over 10 years of experience on eBay, dating back to 2000. It started as a small business which then grew to what we have now, a leading online source for new, refurbished, and used cell phones. We are an honest, hard working family business and have sold tens of thousands of cell phones on eBay with very few problems. We know what it takes to run a successful business and plan to be doing this for years to come. Our goal is to expand our business and provide you with the highest level of product quality and customer service available on the web, or anywhere else for that matter. Check out our reviews on our eBay Store page.

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