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Sprint Cell Phone Activation Guide


Sprint Cell Phone Activation By Using the Internet

This is a guide on how to activate your Sprint phone through their website. This is the reccommended method to use if you have internet avaliable. You can also activate your phone by contacting Sprint Customer Service.

  1. First visit the page. Hover over the "My Sprint" tab and select "My Account".

    Click the images to see a larger picture.

  2. Sign in to your account on the right hand side. If you do not have an account, signing up is fast and easy.
  3. After logging in, you will see your account details and list of phones you currently have on your plan. Find the phone in the list that you would like to switch out. From the "Manage this device" drop down menu, select "Activate a new phone".

  4. You will be asked to enter the new phone's code number or ESN. Make sure your battery is fully charged as you will need to power it on after. Sprint will have helpful tips on how to locate your code. If you are having trouble, please expand the ESN guide below. The following steps are fairly straight forward. After entering your code and E-Mail, click "Continue".

  5. Locating your Electronic Serial Number (ESN)  (Click to show)

    Locating the ESN (Electronic Serial Number), and/or serial number (S/N) is very fast and easy. It is best ot keep note of the ESN and Model of the cell phone for quicker activation.

    Click image to see a larger picture .
    Locating the ESN
    The ESN (Electronic Serial Number) is used to identify a cell phone belonging to a particular carrier network. The ESN is unique and is usually located below the battery or on the back of a cell phone itself.

    You will need the ESN to activate your cell phone for certain Carrier Networks. The image was created to help you identify your ESN, since they come in serveral forms.

    Phone Model
    Take note of the model of your phone. Do not confuse it with the brand name of the phone. For example, the image displays a Samsung Rogue, but its model number is "SCH-U960".

    MEID #:
    The MEID (Model Equipment Identifier) is a 14-digit Hexadecimal value that contains numbers and letters. Note that only A-F letters are used in an MEID/ESN. There is no letter "O" but instead a number "0" (Zero).
    DEC #:
    The DEC (Decimal) number is a 11-digit ESN.
    HEX #:
    The HEX(Hexadecimal) number is a 8-digit value that contains numbers and letters.

  6. Confirm that the devices and information you are switching are correct. If you need to back up your contacts, click the link in the second highlighed area. If everything is correct, click "Continue"

  7. Review your current plan and Add-Ons. If you are switching from a basic phone to a smartphone or vice versa, Sprint will direct you to change your plan. Click "Continue" after you have selected a plan.

    *Generally, smart phones (Windows, Android, iPhone, BlackBerry) will require a data plan with your carrier. Basic phones (flip-phones, basic input phones, etc.) do not require a data plan. If you are unsure, please contact your carrier.


  9. Finally, Sprint will program and activate your new phone. When you are taken to the final page, power on your phone and let it connect to the network. This should take a few minutes. Follow the additional steps provided by Sprint if your test call fails.

Possible Outcomes:

Successful Activation

Congratulations! You have successfully activated your new phone.

Lost or Stolen

If you entered a Lost or Stolen Code, Sprint will instruct you to call their Customer Service. If this is a phone, please contact us immdiately.

Activate By Phone

You can transfer your existing Sprint contract service to the phone you just bought by calling one of the appropiate numbers listed. Be sure to call from a different working phone (Home phone or someone else's phone).

  • Sprint Business: 1-800-927-2199
  • Sprint Consumer: 1-888-211-4727
  • Nextel Business: 1-877-639-8351
  • Nextel Consumer: 1-800-639-6111

  • Note:
  • For a faster activation process, have your account information and pin ready when you are calling.
  • If you are having trouble, press 0 to speak directly to a Customer Service Representative.

  • Additional Information

    Check out Sprint's how-to video for more information.

  • Are you a New Customer to Sprint? Read their guide about switching (Porting) your current wireless or landline number to Sprint.

  • Change or update your rate plan online

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    Please Contact us if additional help is needed.

    Last Updated: 5/4/2012

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