Casio G'zOne C711 Boulder for Verizon

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The Casio G'zOne C711 Boulder from Verizon Wireless was built to be tough.  With Military-grade certifications, the Casio Boulder lives up to its name by being water, shock, and dust resistant. The Casio G'zOne Boulder also has a sporty rock-like design that matches its name. Whether you are skiing or hiking, the Casio G'zOne Boulder will be the perfect companion by providing all of your phone needs plus more. The Boulder also features an e-Compass on its front rounded display, GPS, a 1.3 Megapixel Camera with LED flash, and a MicroSD Memory Card slot to store your data files. The Casio Gz'One Boulder is affordable, simple, and at the same time, rugged and durable. Buy this nice no contract phone for cheap on sale. Buy now and get fast and free shipping.
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